Commercial Mortgage Chicago: January 2010

Commercial Mortgage Chicago

Commercial Mortgage Chicago
FHA 232 LEAN - FHA 242 - Build Amercia Bonds FHA 242/223 F Hospital Refinance

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Commercial Mortgage Lender Apartment - Healthcare - Hospitals

Commercial Mortgage Activity picked up as the month ended after a slow start.

We are seeing more Small Apartment Loans , a few FNMA DUS and Freddie Mac loans and several FHA 221(d)(4) loans for apartment new construction loan requests.

FHA 232 Lean activity is still strong, but many deals will not be funded at this point due to the soft market memo issued by FHA for IL, MI, OH, AR, CA and FL.

Hospital loan activity has increased with the new FHA 242/223(f) program and the Build America Bond program for FHA 242 New Hospital Construction for Municipal borrowers.

FHA 223(f) and FHA 232/223(f) rates are under 5% plus MIP. Add over one percent for new construction deals such as FHA 221(d)(4), FHA 232 LEAN and FHA 242.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chicago Commercial Mortages Apartments Senior Housing Healthcare Hosptials

Kendall Realty Advisors provides fixed rate commercial mortgages for Apartments using FHA 223(f), Fannie Mae DUS and Freddie Mac, We offer the FNMA small apartment loan for the Chicago Area.

We also provide FHA 232 LEAN and FHA 242 Hospital Loans.

For more information Contact Scott Kendall at (847) 903-7578 or

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