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Commercial Mortgage Chicago
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About Us

About US

Our team has originated or underwritten over $750,000,000 in FHA and FNMA Apartment and Healtcare 
loans. We have been FHA and Fannie Mae originators for over twenty five years, We worked for a real 
estate pension fund advisor, as well as CMBS, FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Lenders.

Apartment and healthcare loans in a timely fashion.
FHA;  Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Healthcare and Hospital loans.
Fannie Mae Small Apartment Loans

Scott Kendall  - CEO - Kendall Realty Advisors LLC

Experienced FHA and Fannie Mae originator with 30  years in the field. Prior to Kendall, He worked at 
the multifamily department of Fannie Mae specializing in affordable housing transactions, H

Chuck Kendall  - President - Kendall Realty Advisors LLC

He has been a developer, owned a FHA multifamily lender. Chuck has worked for pension fund 
advisors, FHA, FNMA and insurance lenders since 1968, he has been on several ULI Multifamily 
Counsels and Panels.

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